Friday, November 25, 2011

My New Scraproom...

I have been busy on Black Friday. I got an early Christmas present from my daughter and husband and spent last night and early today putting all my Recollection Organizers together. I took some pictures of the almost finished room. The decor is still a work in progress ( curtains and pictures ) but for the most part this is my new craftroom. I am in love with it !
These are the new drawers and cubbies! They were on sale at Michaels yesterday.

 The rest of the back wall, I actually have some empty drawers!!
 This is on one side of the room, I still need to put up the extra ribbon rack and fill it, but I was not quite sure where it is going yet...
This is inside the closet, the drawers have my punches and flowers, the stackable have embellishments.
 This is my computer desk, with my laptop and cricut. The cabinets hold my paper stacks
                                                           Can't be without my TV !
 This is from the doorway with my table set up, and  believe me, my table does not always look like this!!
One of my cabinets for paper!!

No I had better get back to work and make this worthwhile.....

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  1. Just stopping by again, to show your photos to Terry.